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Expert Witness Directory
Expert Witness Directory where the E stands for Excellence in Expertise.

What We Do
We locate Expert Witnesses and Expert Consulting Services for our clients via a unique Time and Money Saving System of Relationships, Tools of Communication, and their Applications providing timely access of information via a network of experts and their relationships around the world.

Expert Witness Directory

Why We Do It
The internet has become extremely congested. Because of its vast size and seemingly infinite number of web sites that are being submitted to the search engines on a daily basis, it has become increasingly difficult to find the quality information you desire.  With on your team, you spend your time doing what you do best, running your business, and we do what we do best, finding the Expert consultant or Service that you need quickly and effectively.  Bottom line is, you save time and money.

Our Basic Belief
We believe that: "The Greatest Untapped Resource is Human Resource." however, can have other or more extensive meaning or significance to our subscribers in time.

We're User Friendly
You can talk to us any time!  We are a user friendly multi-network of experts willing to network with any other network or individual that is willing and able to form a relationship with us. The larger our network grows the more valuable we are to one another. Thus, our organization welcomes anyone to join us with any expertise or quest for information as "We are all Experts at Something."

Our Code of Ethics
We have a strict code of ethics which honors the value of the relationships between our associates forbidding any circumvention, thus making it easier for individuals to freely share their valuable knowledge or sources of information.

Become an
Research Librarian

Not an Expert Consultant yet, but good at finding things on the Internet and elsewhere?  Are you an Entrepreneur Interested in forming long lasting and profitable business relationships?  If so, you may be interested in joining us as one of our Mindsource Librarians.  Discover our Research Librarian program, and the benefits of membership. 

Expert Witness Directory

How We Support You
To accomplish this task has built a worldwide relationship network of thousands of experts such as: physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, financial, business and marketing professionals. Assistance in locating an expert is made possible through a wide network of Research Librarians. "We Are Experts at Finding Experts." From within our organization, which is basically a live directory of human resource, expertise can be found on a whole range of scientific, medical, legal and/or other questions.

The Meeting of the
Minds Bulletin Board places experts and their relationships in touch with one another by means of a user friendly interchange called the "Meeting of the Minds Bulletin Board."™ A place where anyone can post what they are looking for so that one of our Librarians, can help that person seek the Expert that has the appropriate knowledge, skills or solution to fit their needs.

Submit your Curriculum Vitae
for Review

We welcome all Experts to submit their CV and/or resume for review for possible inclusion in our Expert's data base. All registered Experts in this directory have been screened. If you meet our qualifications, and decide to join us, we'll publish your CV and credentials with a professionally designed web presentation of your choice, list it in our Expert's Directory and register it in the major Internet Search Engines for maximum visibility.

You've heard about it on T.V., and you've read about it in the newspapers. Everyone knows that the internet "is where it's at" as far as advertising your expertise, product or services.  As a result, many other Expert Directories now offer free web services to capitalize on the popularity of the Internet.  However, you will find that most of them give you nothing more than a copy of the same website everyone else is using, and because they are almost always computer generated, the URL (web address) ends in non-standard characters that are not acceptable to many of the Internet Search engines, and cannot be registered.  As a result the traffic to your website would be limited to the traffic of the particular Directory that hosts it.  At emindsource, you'll get something more.  A custom designed website built by real live (rather creative) human beings. Tailor made to your precise needs and specifications, based on the presentation plan you choose, and one that is completely registerable and visible outside of

Contact us
Send us your comments.  Ask us about the benefits of our unique membership plan and how you can receive valuable client referrals direct from the World Wide Web by becoming a member of

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